The company is primarily involved in the veneering of all manner of panels.  Whereas the coreboards (chipboard and MDF) are primarily purchased locally, the veneer is sourced in the United States, Africa and a number of Western European countries.  The veneer strips are jointed at the company into sheets, after which they are glued and pressed onto the panels. In addition to standard dimensions the company also delivers custom orders to the furniture industry, panels and components whereby various degrees of further finish are possible such as, for example, the application of solid edging. Since year 2000 veneered panels have also been used at Delospan as a raw material for flooring.  Due to the specialist nature of the flooring and the Uniclic system, a subsidiary company was founded to take care of production, sales and marketing of flooring.  This company is Flexura NV (www.flexura.be)