Custom work

In addition to the production of standard panels, Delospan has a "custom order" department, which is aimed at the furniture industry. Several grades of finish are possible as described below in different steps:

1. Cutsize panels

Custom work
Standard panels are cut to size in accordance with the customer's wishes

2. Veneer jointing

Custom work
After sorting the various veneer qualities, the veneer bundle is cut to length in accordance with the order. Subsequently it is cut to the right width and then by means of glue or gluethread jointed to the desired dimension.

3. Gluing of solid edges

Custom workBefore pressing the panels, if desired, solid edges can be applied either square edged or profiled.

4. Pressing

Custom workThe cut panels are glued on both sides and clad with the matching veneer sheets.

5. Cutting and sanding of veneered panels

Custom workThe veneered panels are cut to size and if desired, sanded. Here the customer can request further finishing such as: solid or veneered edges, grooves, profiles, etc.

6. CNC

Custom workOn this computer-controlled machine the panels can be provided with, among others, drillings, milling, special shapes, grooves, etc., in accordance with the customer's specific wishes.

Flexibility, quality and service are the 3 main characteristics of the custom work division.