Flexura wooden parquet flooring

Flexura wooden parquet flooring

Building wooden parquet Flexura

1. Thickness of 15 mm
2. Top layer of 3p0 mm fine wood or finish 7 coats of varnish or oil finish
3. HDF support layer (12 mm) type E1, with a very low degree of swelling (<8%) 

4. Counterlayer 0p5 mm wood

Why Flexura flooring?
- Real wood with natural tones and finishes, feels warm
- Environmentally friendly processing with limited wood consumption
- Budget-friendly
- Very strong waterproof wooden base board (HDF)
- Meets European standards for scratch resistance and durability
- Seven coats of varnish, UV drying
- With glueless Uniclicsysteem can easily place themselves
- Can always be restored 
- Combined with floor heating
- Easily movable

Placing wood flooring (10 year guarantee)
A wooden floor Flexura is stronger than solid wood. Precision Flexura selects the best woods. These are combined with a high quality HDF board. Followed by a dry finish with a UV varnish or oil finish. The result is unique: Flexura combines nature with extremely durable living comfort. Moreover, you Flexura 10 years warranty. The wooden floors 3p0 Flexura can have up to three times abrasion.

Flexura is a quality product that comes with the Uniclic system ©. Without glue and with the accessible, enclosed wood floor installation instructions can be placed very easily yourself.